Forough Farrokhzad: mirror, thread and innovator

ECHO librarian Becka talks a little about the evolution of poetry in Iran and one of its most powerful 20th century voices Forough Farrokhzad is known as one of the most talented, innovative and controversial poets of 20th century Iran. In a tremendously short period Farrokhzad changed poetry, even literature, in Iran forever. Farrokhzad, repressedContinue reading “Forough Farrokhzad: mirror, thread and innovator”

November 2020: A grassroots love-story

Perhaps what’s most important is our shared commitment to the same ideals. We are diverse individuals coming together to support each other and our local communities. We find our comradeship not in a language or cultural background, but in recognition of our mutual need to work together.

August 2020: Back to School?

As the summer comes to an end, there are lots of questions about what ‘back to school’ is going to look like for a lot of the world. For the children that use the ECHO library, this has been an uncertain question for much longer.

June 2020: The New Normal

There’s been a lot of talk of the ‘New Normal’ to describe how life has evolved or been interrupted as a result of the spread of Coronavirus. In some ways it’s a useful idea: a tool to help settle into the long-term repercussions of the virus; even a way to continue to take care of one another. But it’s also important that we don’t lose sight of what shouldn’t ever be considered ‘Normal’.

May 2020: Thoughts on mutual aid

Whilst Greece has been in lockdown, we’ve been delivering meals to those stuck without them with the Athens Food Collective. How come it’s only the volunteer grassroots organisations that have been providing this support? What is mutual aid and why do people do it? And what pit-falls does our library fall into with the so-called charity industrial complex?