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ECHO Mobile Library is a multilingual library in a van based in Athens, Greece. Everyone should have a comfortable shared space to come for a chat, and access to the wonderful world of books. In our city there are very few places to get books in Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish languages, or even to access a library if you’re a refugee or migrant. Beyond, around 80,000 displaced people are currently stuck in isolated camps that lack basic facilities, let alone a library. ECHO runs a regular weekly timetable bringing the library to ten camps and community centres.

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Echo Mobile Library fundraising film from Puzzleglass on Vimeo.

Join us

Our current Project Coordinator Keira is sadly going to be leaving us this summer to pursue further study. We are recruiting someone to take her place. We are looking for someone in Athens who:

– Is passionate about books and solidarity

– Is organised and friendly

– Speaks English (about B2 or above)

The role can be full time or job-share, will receive a monthly stipend of €600, and will (ideally) begin training on 3rd May.




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